Comic Life

The program Comic Life is a fantastic visual tool to help tell a story.

For this lesson, your task is to create a comic story of the Warrnambool College Athletics Carnival, (from the photos in the iLearn folder). Each student is to create a comic using photos, text, speech bubbles, colours & effects.

When you have finished, you will need to export the comic as a jpg picture which will be uploaded to your Blog.

How to submit work to a Learning Task in Compass

To submit work electronically to a Learning Task that a teacher has set for you:
1. Log in to Compass (here’s a link)

2. Click on the pencil icon, then Learning Tasks

3. Click on the relevant Learning Task

BEFORE you attempt to upload a file, make sure you save it and CLOSE it. (For example, if you try and upload a .doc when it is still open in Word, it will not work.)

4. Click on “Select”, find the file that you want to upload, then click “Attach File”.