How to Create a ClustrMap for your Blog

  1. Go to the dashboard of your blog (not Blog Central).
  2. Click on Appearance -> Widgets.
  3. Drag the ClustrMaps widget from the “Available Widgets” on the left into the “Sidebar” on the right.
  4. Type in: a title  for example: My Visitor Map ; and: your email address for example:
  5. Click on “Agree to terms and conditions” (Mr Twitt has read these and they are appropriate)
  6. Click on “Save”.
  7. Visit your site to check out how it looks. You can change which widgets appear in which sidebar, and which ones are higher up than others, by going back into your dashboard.

NOTE: The ClustrMap will appear as a blank icon for the first 24 hours, but will update after that.

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