How to Create a Flag Counter for your Blog

  1. Go to
  2. Under the heading “Instantly Create Your Free Counter”, choose the settings that you would like to have for your counter.
  3. Click on “Get your flag counter”.
  4. Click on “Skip” – you do not need to register your flag counter.
  5. Copy all of the code in the “Code for websites (HTML)” text box.
  6. Go to the dashboard of your blog (not Blog Central).
  7. Click on Appearance -> Widgets.
  8. Drag a Text widget from “Available Widgets” on the left, into the “Sidebar” on the right.
  9. Click on “Edit” on this widget.
  10. Enter a title (eg: Flag Counter) and then paste the text you copied earlier into the main text box.
  11. Click on “Save Widget”.
  12. Visit your site to check out how it looks. You can change which widgets appear in which sidebar, and which ones are higher up than others, by going back into your dashboard.

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