How to create a link

Note: This will create a link within a blog post. There is a different process if you want to add a link to the “Links” in your sidebar.

  1. Go to the blog that you want to link to, and copy the URL (right at the top of the screen)
  2. Go to the dashboard of your blog (not Blog Central).
  3. Click on  Posts à Add New.
  4. Enter a title for your post.
  5. Write the main part of the blog post.
  6. Highlight the text that refers to the blog you want to link to.
  7. Click on the “Insert/edit link” icon  (above the text box) and paste in the URL you copied earlier. (Note: the URL must start with “http://” for it to work.)
  8. Click on “Add link”.
  9. Click on “Publish” to publish the blog post. (Visit your blog to check that the link works!)

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