How to submit work to a Learning Task in Compass

To submit work electronically to a Learning Task that a teacher has set for you:
1. Log in to Compass (here’s a link)

2. Click on the pencil icon, then Learning Tasks

3. Click on the relevant Learning Task

BEFORE you attempt to upload a file, make sure you save it and CLOSE it. (For example, if you try and upload a .doc when it is still open in Word, it will not work.)

4. Click on “Select”, find the file that you want to upload, then click “Attach File”.

Maths Competition practice

This link goes to some practice questions – scroll down to the relevant section.

Here are some links to an American maths competition that is quite similar to the Australian Maths Comp. These questions are most useful for Year 7 and 8 students: 2012 competition  2011 competition  2010 competition

Here is one for Year 9 and 10 students: 2013 competition

…and for VCE students: 2013 competition  (These are pretty challenging!)

Some blogs to check out

Here are some random selections. Have a look and assess how good they are. Students – you may not be able to access some of them while you are at school. If so just skip to another one. (Australian teenage sports reporter) (Rob Dart’s blog about his overseas volunteer work) (random student blog about AFL) (young English blogger / youtuber and musician) (student blog from Hawkesdale) (grade 6/7 blog from Canada) (AFL Dream Team blog)

Also there are a stackof other student blogs that can be found here.