Blogging Guidelines

When posting anything to the web, and especially on your blog, you must:

  • Be responsible.
  • Don’t post anything about yourself that you wouldn’t like to see posted world wide.
  • NEVER post your full name or the full name of others – only first names (and last initial if necessary).
  • NEVER post photos of others without their permission. Never identify individuals by name in the photos.
  • NEVER post any details about where you might live:

Hi I’m Robert and I live at the top end of Liebig St Warrnambool – BAD!!!

Hi I’m Robert and I live in Warrnambool – GOOD!!!

  • ·         NEVER post any information that may lead to your identity. Be careful of any information you reveal.

I play basketball for the Warrnambool Mermaids – my game’s at 7.30 this Friday – BAD!!!

I play basketball with a local team during the week – GOOD!!!

  • Always watch for inapporpriate content – report any problems.
  • Beware of clicking on hyperlinks – they could lead to inappropriate content.
  • Write with full words and sentences – not mobile phone talk.
  • Remember- anyone can write anything on the Internet. Don’t believe everything you read.


Don’t forget that everyone at Warrnambool College must follow the school’s “Appropriate Use of ICT” policy – this is in your planner if you need to check.

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