Comic Life

The program Comic Life is a fantastic visual tool to help tell a story.

For this lesson, your task is to create a comic story of the Warrnambool College Athletics Carnival, (from the photos in the iLearn folder). Each student is to create a comic using photos, text, speech bubbles, colours & effects.

When you have finished, you will need to export the comic as a jpg picture which will be uploaded to your Blog.

5 x 5 x 5 Powerpoints

Your task is to reflect on what you have done at school so far this year, using the 5 x 5 x 5 presentation technique.

Your presentation style must be:
– 5 slides (plus a title slide)
– 5 items (dot points and or images)
– 5 words per dot point
You must mention at least three subjects – one must be iLearn.

You will be assessed by two others from the class, using the rubric.

After your assessment has been completed, you will need to make a post on your blog summarising what the 5 x 5 x 5 means & whether you found it to be a helpful strategy for presenting.

iLearn reports checklist

Over the next few weeks, teachers will be writing reports. For iLearn, we will be looking at how well you have setup your online portfolio including the following tasks:

  • Setup of blog page (theme, widgets etc)
  • Introduction about yourself
  • Uploading a picture
  • Comments on other classmates blogs
  • Reviews of other blog pages
  • Google Searching tips
  • Multiple intelligence surveys
  • Online portfolio created
  • At least three blog posts for your classwork
  • Uploading a document
  • Excel Smartie statistics, including graph
  • Cyber Safety summary

Cyber Safety

Learning Intentions:

  • To understand the implications of cyber bullying
  • To be able to manage behaviour appropriately in online instant messaging environments
  • To understand implications of spam text messages
  • Learn how to protect your digital reputation.

Demonstrate the CyberNetrix interactive website: Work in pairs to create a “profile” and then explore the site. You must explore at least the “chat room” (click on the desktop computer) and the mobile phone issues (click on the mobile phone on the bed), and then have a go at the quiz (click on the Rubik’s cube).

Make a blog post – write about two new things that you learnt about cybersafety. One about how to protect yourself, and another about your responsibilities online.

Some blogs to check out

Here are some random selections. Have a look and assess how good they are. Students – you may not be able to access some of them while you are at school. If so just skip to another one. (Australian teenage sports reporter) (Rob Dart’s blog about his overseas volunteer work) (random student blog about AFL) (young English blogger / youtuber and musician) (student blog from Hawkesdale) (grade 6/7 blog from Canada) (AFL Dream Team blog)

Also there are a stackof other student blogs that can be found here.